Conference Streaming – Voice

We have designed and build the infrastructure which allows us to live stream a voice conference with up to 1000 incoming callers at any one time. This has been proven and tested on several events during 2018 and already we have 16 confirmed events this year 2019.

We take an audio feed and and provide the login details for delighted to connect via a code issued. This allows anyone with the correct code to dail in and listen to a live conference as it takes place from anywhere in the world.

A copy of the conference will also be recorded and issued via a url for uses to listen after the event if required after approval.

We are ON AIR now, for example please dail and connect to us with these details: +44 20 33212 7679 | Code: 213-669-644

For more information, please feel free to get touch. We would be more than happy to see if we can cater for you.

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  1. Jay Cooper October 21, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    Recently we had an event in a local school in Prestwich, Manchester with a mission to provide a live stream which was transmitted out via phone, website and by recording allowing us to us the footage at a later date for another event. We got in touch with Vividlyte after Googling live streaming and made contact with them in relation to our needs. They informed me this wouldn’t be a problem at all, we arranged a meeting onsite and they tested the schools internet feed of which they opted out of using.

    On the day of the event they arrived in the morning with a camera which was locked off on the lectern, and they streamed to the in-house projector and several screens around the school hall. They linked everything back to a WIFI van and went live on air at 10am as required.

    There wasn’t any problems at all, we had in total 643 callers listening live during our event. Would highly recommend. Thank you.

    1. VL Team February 22, 2019 at 2:22 am

      Jay, thank you for your kind words. We were successful, I can confirm we didn’t have any down time from our side during your event. All our ISP providers were on standby throughout with a back office supporting technicians. If there is anything else in the near future then please feel free to keep us in the loop. Look forward to servicing you soon.

      Many thanks, Mike
      Fast Response Team
      VL –

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